Alkaline Coffee

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Alkaline coffee - the natural antioxidant

Tropical's Alkaline Coffee is the healthiest coffee because it has a neutral pH of 6-7, which is the same pH that the human body has in it's blood.

When we drink Tropical's Alkaline Coffee, our stomach doesn't hurt (even if we drink many alkaline coffees) and we feel so good, strong and full of energy.

Alkaline coffee is a Tropical's worldwide innovation, which has been developed after three years of research, at our research center in Athens.

It is a known fact that coffee is an acidic beverage with a pH between 4 and 5 but with our alkalization method we manage to reach it the neutral level of pH, between 6 and 7. So, drinking alkaline coffee does not burden our body with toxins and as a result we feel wellness, strength and energy, we manage to enhance memory and reduce stress.

Contributes positively:

  • In strengthening our body's defensive system.
  • To increasing sports performance.
  • To the recovery of lost energy.
  • In reducing unnecessary weight.
  • To our cells' oxygenation.
  • To the growth of erotic mood.
  • To disease prevention.
  • To enhance memory.
Alcaline Coffee
Coffee beans

Alkalisation of green coffee beans

After storing the coffee in ideal conditions, it is being processed by the method of alkalisation, which is a global innovation of our company and so we achieve the reduction of volatile substances (toxins) of the green coffee beans, without altering it's taste and flavor, so our coffee becomes lighter and easier to drink, with a velvety tasting feeling and intense flavor, that emerges during the roasting and when you drink it tastes like biscuit, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, almond and fruits such as pear, lemon, apple, mandarin etc. With the alkalizing method we apply, the volatile substances are reduced and the pH of the coffee increases and reaches 6 to 7 pH, the moment we drink it. This is considered to be the healthiest coffee and does not make your stomach to ache because it has a neutral pH and thus it belongs to Alkaline Diet products.

Coffee roasting

Coffee Roasting

After alkalining the green coffee bean, we can roast it with the professional TR-1000 and TR-2000 roasting machines, which, with their software, can bake the finest coffee you've tasted.

Coffee roasting

How do we make alkaline coffee?

In order to make alkaline coffee, tea, herbs, chocolate etc, we need a special coffee machine with an alkaline water tank and an alkaline ice machine, as well as a special filter that cleans tap water from salts, heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, odors etc. and it converts the tap water to alkaline with pH 9+ at the same time.

Tropical Alkaline Coffee

Where can we find alkaline coffee?

Alkaline coffee, tea, chocolate, alkaline water and alkaline diet products can be found, exclusively at TROPICAL CAFÉ.


Why is Tropical's espresso coffee considered the best coffee?

Because our coffee comes from the countries of the equatorial zone and it's first quality 100% ARABICA variety from 1500-2200 meters altitude. It is aromatic with velvety and pleasant taste and it's the freshest coffee you have ever tasted, because it is roasted in the shop, right at the moment that the customer enters the coffee shop.

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