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ROBOTIC COFFEE ROASTER (100% AUTOMATIC ) Suitable for coffee shops, bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, catering, mini market, organic shops, etc.

  • It's easy to become a successful coffee baker with 1 hour of training in TR-1000 COFFEE ROASTER.
  • Immediate depreciation of your money: With each purchase of TR-1000, a gift of 10Kg (1.000 cups) of green coffee (with 1kg of coffee you can make 100 cups of coffee).
  • Fresh roasted coffee every day.
  • Always same quality of the roasting coffee.
  • You can roast only the quantity that you need.
  • Strong aroma diffused all over the shop triggering the senses.
  • Extremely good quality coffee in every roasting.
  • It has active carbon filter & humidity sensor for quality protection of the roasted coffee.
  • With auto programs for roasting fresh coffee beans for espresso, French filter coffee & Greek type coffee.
  • Compact size with touch screen for easy access & WiFi for instant support & service.

TR-1000 is the only 100% automatic(robotic) small size coffee roaster in the world

  • 100% automatic means that you only put the beans to the roaster & then you choose the roasting program & you can go out for shopping & after half an hour when you come back you will find the coffee perfectly roasted.
  • TR-1000 can roast 1000g per batch (2 - 3 kg per hour or 16 - 24 kg per 8hours).
  • TR-1000 coffee roaster make perfect roasting like the professional big coffee roasters do.
  • Works with electric power (no gas or natural gas).
  • Automatic roasting and cooling process.
  • TR-1000 coffee roaster has a multi-parameter electronic program for all kinds of coffee.
  • High profit margins: Green coffee costs 50% -70% cheaper.
  • Roast each type of coffee: As much as you want, depending on daily consumption.
  • Technical support and training by experienced staff or through internet (WiFi) anytime.
  • Tropical roasting machines are small for roasting coffee in the store in small quantities without wanting a professional roaster.
  • The shop has daily freshly brewed coffee and the customer enjoys fresh coffee and fragrant with all its aromas and the perfect flavor in its cup.
  • TROPICAL professional roasting machines do not need specialized roasters, because have software that automatically do what a well-experienced roaster would.
  • The smell of coffee attracts the customer and creates a feeling of well-being and good mood.
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 50cm x 85cm x 85cm
  • Weight: 75kg

We can provide instant and impeccable service as well as spare parts to all tropical's roasting machines.

For prices of the coffee roasting machines, please contact us.

Why is Tropical's espresso coffee considered the best coffee?

Because our coffee comes from the countries of the equatorial zone and it's first quality 100% ARABICA variety from 1500-2200 meters altitude. It is aromatic with velvety and pleasant taste and it's the freshest coffee you have ever tasted, because it is roasted in the shop, right at the moment that the customer enters the coffee shop.

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Our company is specialized in automation and robotics as well as manufacturing coffee roasting machines and HO.RE.CA products.

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